A.E.I. (About Everything Included) Tax was founded in 1990 by Eric Imbuelten, M.B.A., PFP, CRTP. Eric began providing services to local families 33 years ago in Alameda County, in Castro Valley and nearby San Leandro.

Eric Imbuelten, M.B.A., PFP, CRTP photo
Eric Imbuelten

Expanded over the years from 1998-2006 in Chico, CA and in December, 2006 the business moved to Santa Rosa in the heart of Sonoma County,  A.E.I. Tax has brought its tradition of friendly, personalized service to California’s beautiful wine country.  Eric has an incredible mother who lives in Oakmont and he visits there at least twice per week and enjoys working out with the locals at the Oakmont Fitness Center.  In addition, he has an incredible daughter Emily who is currently at U.C. Davis.

By his work in taxation and accounting for years and his staying on top of the constant tax law changes and the implications brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Eric is able to offer you excellent service with .

A.E.I. specializes in fast, easy, stress-free tax preparation. We offer affordable services comparable to a CPA. As an M.B.A. with the finance option, Eric’s background is very similar to a CPA, since the core accounting courses taken were identical. The CPA route was not chosen because Eric’s goal was to focus on Tax rather than audit and day-to-day accounting or bookkeeping.  A.E.I. works very well with your current bookkeeper and bookkeeping system.  We currently use the accountant version of Quickbooks Online and have over 25 years of experience with Quickbooks desktop versions.  If you have a small business and would like access to Quickbooks Online (QBO), we have a special discounted subscriptions for you. Call and ask us about discounted pricing for QBO at (707) 538-8027.