Tax Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration Service Offered

Eric Imbuelten, M.B.A., PFP, CRTP photo
Eric Imbuelten

The IRS is ramping up it audit enforcement with $80 Billion over the next 10 years.  Get the Tax Audit Protection you will need through Protection Plus.

At A.E.I. Tax, we offer Tax Audit Assistance through Protection Plus to cover your individual income tax filing for a full year for a low additional fee.  This covers notices, letters, and agent interviews from IRS or the Franchise Tax Board.

As a value added benefit, you and everyone on your tax return enjoys full identity theft protection for one year included in the additional fee charged for your Audit Assistance through Protection Plus.  Ask us about this amazing new service by calling us at (707) 538-8027.

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AeiLighthouselogo-reIt’s already been nearly one month since tax extensions were due! If you still have not filed your 2013 income tax return, you are in trouble! Penalties and interest are being added to your account and you need our help at A.E.I. Tax & Financial right away to get back on track. If you want a second opinion and review of your 2013 tax return, call for a complimentary one-half hour tax preparation review meeting. It’s always best to have an interview with a trusted tax professional before tax season arrives. We are very detail-oriented and have been preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses officially since 1990. Myself, as the owner, started preparing taxes in 1987 at H&R Block while studying for my Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) and after one tax season, decided I was offering a more personalized tax experience to my clients as a tax accountant.  I built my business the old-fashioned way, one client at a time, with focus firmly on my client and their taxes and ways to maximize their deductions, credits and adjustments for the best outcome. As A.E.I. Tax & Financial grew, we added financial services to our practice to be able to operate all year-round. In 1999, I completed the Personal Financial Planning Certificate program at U.C. Berkeley. Since then, I have offered health insurance mostly to small business groups, Medicare for seniors, and guaranteed income products for retirement, and IRA rollovers. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to serve you.

Eric Imbuelten